Swansea University Students’ Union presents

Freshers 2018 | SUF18

| SUF18   September 21st – October 6th


Welcome to Swansea; welcome to your new best friends, unpredictable weather and a city that is unarguably unique.

Most importantly, welcome to Swansea University Students’ Union. Since 1920 we have been representing all Swansea University students. We’re here to help you enjoy every bit of University life.

But first up, it’s time to celebrate. Here’s everything you need to know about Swansea Uni Freshers 2018…


Our Freshers packages sell out every year, so make sure you buy yours before you arrive! There are 2 packages to choose from.





Our Events department puts on the biggest and best events in Swansea! Whether it’s our weekly sessions of Pub Quiz and Open Mic, or one of our landmark events like the 5000-student Summer Ball or the 10000-student Welsh Varsity, our events department offers you the best experiences of your Uni life.

Here’s what we’ve got planned – Hover over to see what we have planned for each day.

Please note that your package might not include all of the events in the calendar below. Please check first, by using the section above to view what your package includes.

SUF18 | September 21st – October 6th

21 Friday September
22 Saturday September
23 Sunday September
24 Monday September
25 Tuesday September
26 Wednesday September
27 Thursday September
28 Friday September
29 Saturday September
30 Sunday September
1 Monday October
2 Tuesday October
3 Wednesday October
4 Thursday October
5 Friday October
6 Saturday October
7 Sunday October
8 Monday October

The Bus Pass

The Swansea bus pass gets you around everywhere you need to be in Swansea (and beyond!). Trip to the beach? Food shop? 2am bus home? Your bus pass has you covered!

Get Yours Now


So your pride and joy is about to make their next big step in life and go to university. What do you do now?

Look no further; we’ve put together some useful info to give you some peace of mind.


The Students’ Union Advice and Support Centre offers free and impartial advice to all Swansea University students.

We cover a wide range of issues including money, academic, housing, legal, and personal problems.

Contact The Advice And Support Centre

01792 295 821

Every year, students elect 5 officers to represent them on a full-time basis, and it's their role to help students have a great time at University. We encourage students to chat to the officers whenever they are dissatisfied with anything at University or if they have an idea of how things could be better.

Their contact information can be found at swansea-union.co.uk/about/contacts.

Money Saving

Encourage your child to contact their future housemates via the halls of residence Facebook groups. This way, students will be able to plan who brings what for the flat, so you won't have to buy as much.

The bus service now runs 24/7, so students will save a lot of money on taxis by making the initial investment in a bus pass at the start of term.

The TOTUM card gives students year-round discounts at over 150 brands. They can be purchased at the SU stand during the arrivals weekend.